Touristic guide in India


The first time I flew to Delhi for Srinagar, I was asked where I was going to really be a known view of the North and its knives on the Pakistan border.

Great was my joy, surprise of the beauty of Srinagar and its inhabitants, benevolent and warm to welcome you, help you and especially share the love of their land. They are all passionate, it is a land of traditions and deep customs. The land of Sufis too. We feel like members of their family. They are, are curious about you, discuss and this will lead us, often to deep and rich discussions. What fill the hearts of benevolence. Srinagar is also a city on Dal Lake, with changing landscapes from morning to night. The mist settles on the lake in the morning, while the orange color comes in the evening at sunset. on the traditional boat of the lake (borrows the chikaras). Life is peaceful at the rhythm of the oar, we cross each other, we smile, the looks are curious and benevolent. The old town is a treasure trove of various groceries, small stalls, so they would be useless at home ... But in India everything is possible! It's also a real example of simplicity! You are here: sellers of bread, copper, textiles, spices or dressmakers ... it is an exquisite maze of discoveries, visual pleasure and human contacts.

The largest shopping center

I will take you to discover Srinagar and its surroundings, spend time on the houseboat with Adil and his family. We share, we laugh, we talk about these unforgettable days in emotions and that fill your heart with the wealth of Kashmir and its inhabitants.

Kashmir is an image of snow-capped peaks, deep and dense valleys, Dal Lake with rows of houseboats and shikaras, dark and tall trees of pine, deodar and chinar, and that of locals bearing beautiful smiles and rosy cheeks appears on mindscape. It is difficult to describe the beauty of this northern state in words. One can only feel it and fall in love with it.

If you are fascinated by the eternal beauty of the state, we arrange different ways to discover Kashmir. It will give you the freedom to decide for yourself the places you want to visit, the mode of transportation and the budget that suits you the most. Our packages cover all the exotic locations like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Yusmarg, Srinagar, Khistwar, Tarsar Lake and Pahalgam.