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Discovery and Trekking Ladakh to Kashmir

You know the moon? Do you know Switzerland?


Very good ... so I take you to Ladakh and then to Kashmir ... it's clearer? I explain to you ... Ladakh is magnificent because of its luminosity, its minerality, its monuments and its Buddhist culture. It is a paradise for hikers and photographers. The lights, the contrasts are unique ... I am fascinated by the beauty of hemis, nestled between the mountains with the blue sky in the background, pure with its white stupas that stand out from the ground. These are almost irrelevant images offered by Ladakh, as trafficked by a photo software and yet ... it is very real and striking.


If you are passionate about trekking, photos, unusual landscapes, peace and space I conjure you to go to Ladakh. I take you to unique and beautiful places of simplicity, monasteries perched as posed at the top of the mountains, beautiful thanks to the philosophy of peace that is Buddhism.


There are also its inhabitants with pink cheeks, welcoming, practicing. I also take you to Didi's owner's house in the heart of Leh. Didi fascinates me with his deeply ladakhi spirit. She is hard working to welcome its guests to the little onions, she takes care of the kitchen garden also to offer us the best of the cooking and sharing is time with Jogi who will concoct us some dishes of the soil to fill us the spirit and the body of energy "Julley"


Then we will leave for Kashmir, called little Switzerland, on the road to Srinagar, 500 km further, to the east, in stages. Why Switzerland, because we will go from the minerality of Ladakh to the green valleys of Kashmir, which for many reminds Switzerland but higher! It's the Himalayas!


This 21-day trip allows you to explore Ladakh, enrich yourself with Buddhist culture with visits to monasteries and share moments with locals. It also allows to dedicate a part of this trip to an 8 day trek which takes place in Kashmir, to discover the city of Srinagar and its surroundings. It is a diversified journey that combines culture, sharing and trek, rich in emotions both spiritual and physical.


Optionally, it is also possible to include yoga sessions and Ayurvedic treatments, if desired.


From Little Tibet to Paradise's door  

Duration : 21 days