Touristic guide in India

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In short ... to tell you that India is a magical country with a history and deep roots, an architecture of the oldest, with these bazaars and sunny beaches. There is an India where the traveler meets his true charms, an India where the traveler meets.
A life is not enough to discover its many riches. The great diversity of cultures, kitchens, music and a thousand other pleasures that are experiences that have lived intensely here ...

And then to talk a little about yourself ... When did you have a ride in chikara, drink fresh yak milk or sleep in the mountains after a good meal simmered with love by the inhabitants of the villages? When did you last take care of yourself?
I want to take you to live this unique experience through meetings, moments and visits. Take care of yourself during your trip, bring you a real disconnect, live fully your trip, live the unforgettable.

I also work for certain regions with locals and ensure that they benefit directly from the income generated by tourism.
Looking forward to talking to you about my India!

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My name is Julie ... and KashmirKerala Trek is born from my love affair with India.
I travel between Kerala and Kashmir which are 2 completely opposite states of India, beautifully human and beautiful landscapes.

Kerala is as relaxing as a traditional massage and this lush land is a haven of peace. We go for its beaches, quiet atmosphere, yoga and coconut trees, festivals and kathakali dances. It is also a Mecca of Ayurvedic medicine to take care of oneself. I was able to receive high quality teachings from my yogic gurus, Ayurvedic doctors and by wanting to help others I became an Ayurvedic therapist and yoga teacher. I integrate my expertise as a teacher and therapist in your travels.

In Kashmir, we go for the beauty of its lakes, mountains, cuisine, the warmth of its people and unique experiences not found anywhere else. Kashmir is also called paradise on earth, it offers breathtaking scenery on the bottom of the Himalayan range.