Touristic guide in India

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Kerala or the land of coconut ...


I like coconut because it is very healthy and full of nutritional benefits. One day, I decided to go to Kerala, the country of coconut palms in Malayalam. It is a fascinating place for the richness of its Hindu culture, Ayurvedic medicine, tranquil places to recharge your body, mind and beaches.


Every time I arrive in Trivandrum, I am stuck to the porthole to admire its expanses of coconut trees. There is as far as the eye can see. I love Kerala because life is simple, punctuated by the sound of the waves, the music of the temples. Early in the morning, when I walk, I take the opportunity to admire the traditional work of fishermen. They do everything by hand, no mechanized boat with trawls that destroy everything. They often ask me for a hand to pull the net from the water to the beach. It is more than 300 meters away. I can tell you that it's very physical! But we laugh well, we come back singing and motivating ourselves. Once finished, the fishermen remove the fish from the net, repair the nets and fold them back. Then I take the opportunity to go take a coconut on the beach and drink it. The coconut juice is delicious and appreciable after this great effort ... life is so simple in the sun.


If you do not know Kerala, I invite you to discover it. You will appreciate its luxuriant nature, its fauna, its backwaters (channels and lakes of waters parallel to the Arabian Sea). The animal sanctuaries are true sanctuaries: lions, tigers, elephants, we also admire the mountains and the tea plantations ... where the beaches ... It is not what is missing here to chew of life!


It is also a nice step for those who love their belly. The food is exquisite, fresh, fish, curry, coconut. I can take you to Athira who taught me culinary secrets and who can teach you typical dishes from here. Kerala is a country of spices and tea production, I spare you all the benefits of spices on our health, we can talk about it throughout our journey.


If you want to take care of yourself, I introduce you to the doctor and his team in this quality Ayurvedic clinic. Ayurvedic medicine has been recognized since 1982 by WHO. They are competent, friendly and dedicated to receive you and treat your imbalances or diseases. This is the best time to take stock of your health, on this ancestral land of Ayurveda, and to treat you effectively, in a natural way. I also chose these clinics for their professionalism, quality of care, hygiene and service.


In short, it is enough to say that we can spend a moment together between sea, coconut tree and mountain for your pleasure, your well-being and the discovery of the Hindu culture. If you want to spend unforgettable holidays, authentic moments, sharing, emotions, heart together and with the locals ... contact me!